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Healthier minds. Better communication. Good disagreements.

Introducing Dialectic

What our minds consume fundamentally shapes who we are


Dialectic equips people to understand and adapt to the rapidly changing cognitive consumption and communication patterns of the 21st century. 

It is often said that "you are what you eat"- it also true that our mental habits in observing and consuming information from the world around us has a foundational impact on who we are and how we interact with others.

But with the right framework, skills, and practices, we can develop healthy habits in cognitive consumption, better communication, and more constructive disagreement. 

Our minds now live in two worlds

Traditional cognitive norms are gone forever

Human history has mostly happened “IRL” - In Real Life. Across generations, we learned to use all five of our senses to communicate with others and engage with the world around us. The recent digital revolution forged a separate, virtual world. 

The digital revolution of this century has forged a very different, separate, virtual world beyond our immediate physical surroundings. We now carry hand-sized devices that can instantly access more information than could be found in an entire library three decades ago.


While these new technologies provide meaningful societal benefits, they also pose real threats to our mental health, personal relationships, and societal cohesion as a whole. 

The Person, the Process, and the Platform: An integrated approach for adapting to the digital age

We can adapt our minds, and our society, to thrive in these new norms

Dialectic has three overlapping areas of focus -  all essential in making healthier cognitive choices in our polarized digital world. 



  • Live a healthier life on-line (and off)

  • Improve connections with others 

  • Contribute to (and benefit from) community discourse

Families &

  • Improve communication between members

  • Strengthen ties through conversation and  disagreement 

Educators & Students

  • Gain valuable knowledge about the mind and its role in how we live in the dual worlds of IRL and on-line

  • Develop valuable skills that are vital to social and emotional learning in the 21st century

Creators & Innovators

  • Collaborate to create powerful tools to help people live a better online life

  • Work with incredible, talented colleagues who share your passion for creating a better future

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