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The How to Disagree podcast is coming soon, and it will tackle one of the most pressing questions of our time: how to deal with your relatives at Thanksgiving. Over the past two decades, the onslaught of social and digital media has fundamentally changed our cognitive ecosystems - meaning that our methods for observing the world, processing information, and interacting with each other changed almost in an instant after centuries of gradual adaptation. On a public level, we have become more tribal, more polarized, and more prone to seeing the world through the prisms of the echo chambers we live in. On a personal level, most of us have seen relationships damaged by an inability to disagree constructively. 



HtD will explore the challenges of this moment. We'll dive into the neurobiology of tribalism. We'll invite our listeners to share specific challenges. And we'll bring on a range of leading scientists, technologists and public figures from the frontlines of public disagreement in politics, culture, sports, and everything else. Most of us want to have good disagreements - and we can adapt and grow to be able to do that. 

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