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People need the tools to make healthier digital choices 

Trying to make informed decisions about what to consume, how to communicate, and when to disagree in the digital ecosystem is really hard.

It is often not enough to simply acquire 

information or skills to make meaningful, longterm changes in your cognitive choices. 

There need to be tools that allow people to get the best that the digital world has to offer without falling back into patterns that many sites, platforms, and content creators are are incentivized to have people continue. 

Fortunately, tools are being developed to help give people information about the apps they use and the information they encounter. Along with lessons learned as to how to build better, healthier platforms, people can now be empowered to live healthier cognitive lives., a website created by Clemson Professors Darren Linvill and (Dialectic Advisor) Patrick Warren, has been shown to improve people's abilities to better identify inauthentic social media accounts

Disagreeing online can be hard to do, but fostering healthy debate is possible  

There is a global network of researchers, coders, thinkers, and many others who have been working on ways to make communication, disagreement, and collective decision making something that can harness the benefits of the digital world without risking any of the harms many platforms and content creators can create.

Terms like plurality-focused technologies and pro-social bots may not be familiar to most people, but they are the kinds of powerful tools that can be harnessed to allow people to better interact with each other IRL and in the digital world

We want to partner, promote, and build the best tools for people

If you have built something that can help people live a better life in the digital world, we want to know about it. If you have an idea to make the digital world a healthier place, we would love to hear from you and help in any way that we can. Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch!

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