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Informed Students can make better choices

Poster made by Eleanor Keeler, Science Teacher at South Portland (ME) H.S. 

All students deserve to be informed, in ways that are meaningful to them, without having to wait

The path of knowledge from the world of science to a student's classroom is not always as short as it should be. Too often, for children who live outside certain areas, or those for whom standard English is not the language they grew up with, this information can take years, or even decades longer to reach them. 


Our goal is not only to provide students with information to make choices, but also to translate the materials in as many ways as are necessary to reach students from a variety of language and cultural backgrounds. 

We are looking to partner with teachers from a wide range of locations, language backgrounds, and faith traditions to make this information accessible by all members of Gen Z and beyond. 

Dialectic Lecture Materials for High School Students

We want to work with students and teachers (like you)

Our materials will only be as good as the input we get from teachers and students. To that end, we are actively looking for teachers who are interested in collaboration across the educational spectrum. Please fill out the contact form and one of us will get in touch with you. 

Most people aren’t built to sort through millions of pieces of information, information that often contradicts itself.


Furthermore, many common forms of communication used on-line these days don’t come close to IRL, where verbal and non-verbal cues help people better explain each other, recognize each other’s emotional states, and minimize misunderstandings. 


Given the limitations of this new, partitioned world that we now live in, it should not be a shock at all that we have a hard time knowing who to trust, how to disagree, or why we get angrier doom scrolling on a device than we might in real life. 

We need to be able to learn, as individuals, families, and groups, to maintain the best of our IRL traits and habits when operating in the digital world. 

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