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Welcome! (and thanks)


On behalf of Dialectic, let me thank you for your attention.

I used to think that line, "thank you for your attention" did not reflect a ton of gratitude.

It was, to my way of thinking, like thanking someone for using their turn signal; an acknowledgement for something that was helpful but required minimal effort on my behalf.

The truth as I now see it is that taking the steps to make the journey here is not simple, nor easy.

What might appear on the surface as a series of clicks on a track pad, or a couple of targeted touches to a smartphone screen, is one set of choices among thousands (millions?) offered to you in the digital realm.

Even if you swipe/clicked into the digital world to specifically come here, your path was littered with alternatives that might otherwise capture your attention and take it somewhere else.

But you still made it.

We truly appreciate you being here.

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